To keep our chapter running efficiently we have developed a leadership team. This team is vital in the smooth operation of the chapter and each role is important.  here is a breef overview of the duties of each team member.  If you want to learn more about each role just click on the more link at the end of the overview.

The chapter leaders will make or break the quality of most meetings! Be positive, professional, enthusiastic and be in control of the room in a strong but positive manner.

Your Leadership Team

President:  The president of the chapter is responsible for the overall flow of the meeting.  Tasks included assigning the weekly tasks of Flag Salute, Purpose and Overview & Closing Motivational Quote. More detail on duties of the office of president can be found here.

Vice President:  To fill in as president when the president can not be there.  To give the closed business totals, total 1 to 1s More details on the VP position can be found here

Secretary Treasurer: Renewing members report, assign the speaker rotation and announce the next 3 speakers.  To confirm with the next speaker the week before. More details on the Secretary-Treasure position can be found here

Education Coordinator:  Will present us with 3 to 5 minutes of education. More details on the Education Coordinator position can be found here 

Visitor Host:  will greet members and guests as they arrive at the chapter meeting and remind us what business classifications we would like to have in the group. More detail on the Visitor Host can be found here.

Social Media Coordinator: no role defined at this time.