The visitor host should be the second to arrive.  They should arrive 15 minutes before the start time of the meeting.

The Visitor Host is responable for seting up the check in table.  This includeds laying out the name badges, Sign in sheet, NCR Forms, etc

The visitor host will great members and guest as they arrive to the chapter meeting.  When a guest arrives, they will have them fill out a guest form and ask for card.  The visitor host will then give a copy to the chapter president and place one in the TYCB box.  The visitor host will also introduce the guest to some of the members.

The visitor host is responsible for reminding us what business classifications would benefit the chapter.

Business classifications can be found here.

Every person (including members) that walks into the door is greeted by the visitor host. Everybody wears a name badge, even members if they forgot their badge. That name badge is for the visitors, telling them that they are members. Chapters that make money have visitors attending regularly, because visitors need services and create buzz in the community about what they have seen

At the end of the meeting the visitor host will collect all slips and place in the provided envelope and mail to the B2BNG office.