Your 15 minute member spotlight is a powerful way to sell your business at BBNG.  Everyone gets the spotlight at BBNG. We all do an infomercials to highlight our business stories and help facilitat better referrals. These member spotlight segments are opportunities to tell your story on a deeper level, to showcase your expertise and build credibility. Preparation is key. If anyone needs help or ideas about the best way to proceed, give a shout-out at a meeting.

Part of the presentation involves an introduction of “you” the speaker. the chapter Secretary-Treasurer gives this introduction by using the speaker bio you complete. The introducer reads the bio out, or asks questions from the bio. They introduce “you” the speaker to the members so that you can immediately begin discussing their business without having to introduce yourselves first.

Here is the Speaker Bio form.  You can download it in eather a Fillable or printable PDF form.  Please complete as soon as you can and get it to your chapters Secretary-Treasurer.

VERY IMPORTIANT!  If you complete the form online before downloading make sure to print it insted of downloading it. (you can print to PDF (this will save it as a completed PDF form))  This is the only way to keep your information on the form.  If you download it it will be blank and you will have to fill it in again.

Please keep your presentation to between 10 and 15 minutes max allowing time for questions from the audience.  Please arrive about 15 minutes before the start of the chapter meeting to get any audio/visual needs addressed.  If you need any AV please request that at least two weeks in advance from your Secretary-Treasurer.

Fillable Speaker Bio

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