New Location

As we discussed Tuesday, we will be moving our regular meeting to The Links at Riverlakes Ranch 5201 Riverlakes Drive, Bakersfield 93312 (off Coffee & Hageman), phone (661) 587-5465. They do have a breakfast menu and the doors open at 7am.

Full Menu in Link. Other off-the-menu items include:
Breakfast Burritos $7
Golfer’s Muffin Sandwich (ham, bacon or sausage) $4.75

The Good and the Bad of the Menu at Riverlakes. The Good, The prices are great yo can eat for under $10 easily. The bad is they are not set up for separate checks so you will have to pay us and we will pay them.

Full Menu

Arrive on time: Please try to arrive between 7 and 7:15am. We have been starting the meetings late for some time now while I wait for members to stroll in as late as 7:45am. As of next week this will no longer be the case. The meeting will start promptly at 7:30am with or without all members present.


The 50/50 roll over is up to $81!! Make sure to bring cash because someone will win.

Unexcused Absences

Unexcused Absences (when you don’t let us know that you can’t make it to the meeting.) This is harsh, I know, but I want to be clear.

The purpose of joining the group is to build business and to that end we have decided to implement a few new guidelines. All members of BBNG must attend at least 65% of the meetings in a 3 month time frame. This means you must attend 8 out of 12 meetings or have someone from your office in your place to represent you in your Absence.

Please keep in mind that your place in the group effectively “locks out” anyone else from joining. We value your services! If you fail to meet the minimum requirements your category will open up to allow another business to represent your field. We can’t refer your business if we don’t know you or what you do; and the consensus of the group is that poor attendance reflects badly on an entity’s ability to ensure prompt, reliable service upon referral.

Membership Drive! Win an IPad2, 3 or Macbook Pro

In June we will have a Membership Drive and you will get a raffle ticket for each new paid member that joins. We need to discuss categories, process for enrollment, etc. at the next meeting. Please think about these prizes and we’ll discuss it on Tuesday:

  • *Less than 6, I will draw for a set of 1000 business cards
  • *6 to 12 I will draw for a 3day mini vacation
  • *12 to 18 new paid members I will draw for a New IPAD2
  • *18 to 24 New Paid members I will upgrade to the New IPAD 3

IF WE GET TO 50 New Members (just saying) I will spring for a brand new MACBOOK PRO 13” 2.4Ghz as the grand prize

Thank you.
Kyle Brown

Our next meeting is next Tuesday at 7:30am

You can arrive as early as 7am for breakfast and some one on one time with other members or guest.