Here are the meeting highlights. from Tuesday 1/17/2012

Sky has proposed a badge design for the group.  The cost will be 12per badge.  I will be setting up a page on the website later this week so we can place our orders online.

We had 3 guests today.

  1. Johnny of St. Farm brought Brandon of Mobile Oil Change.
  2. Sky of Skywriter productions brought John Heath of ALPHIA Tec & Alarm Systems John turned in his Application to join today
  3. Kyle of My Bakersfield Printer brought  Valerie of Mary Kay.

We talked a little about having a agenda to follow in the meetings
Here is the proposed agenda:
7am doors open (networking & breakfast)
7:30 meeting starts
Guest Introductions
Members who brought a guest get to introduce them (please keep it under 1 min) Guest    gets to tell us a little about themselves and their business (kept under 2min)
Member introductions / referrals and Thank you’s
(Name and Business Name only) if you have a referral please keep it brief ie:  I have a referral for … (same with Thank you’s) I have a thank you for. . .
if you have a need that you think the group may be able to help with.  Ie:  I am really looking for a connection with the person who handles ______ at _________.  If any one can help please see me after the meeting.
Member Spotlight / Guest Speaker (keep to 10min)
Announcements: ie: Open House, Blood Drive, other mixers & networking events.
Meeting Wrap-up
NEW LOCATION after today’s little mishap and the way this have gone for the last 3 weeks I think we need to start looking for a new location.  If you have any ideas please email me back and I will check them out.  The location need to meet the following criteria.

  1. Have a private room larger enough for our group (I would like to see us grow as large as we can 50 to 75)
  2. Open no later than 7am
  3. Able to do separate checks

There is a Mixer tonight hosted by the Kern County Bridal Association at the Kern County Museum 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  There is no cost to attend and Martine is catering.

Next Tuesday night is the Social Media Class that Carlin Jones & I teach.  It’s a 2 hr class that will cover Facebook & WordPress.  The cost is $35 to attend.
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If you have not been added to the Website Please follow this link to find out what information I need from you to add your business. Click Here More Info…

password: bbng661

Here is the information on John Heath Jr.
They monitor and service all low voltage systems. Security Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV & Access Control Systems  661-319-6382
Please give me your thoughts.