Laptop, Projector, Screen.  This is so when you ask the member for suggestions you can write them down and show them on the screen as well ass show them your list.

Title: Why is constant attendance so important?

Today I want to touch on the subject of attendance.  Why is it critical for every member to show up every time?

Get feedback from members and write them on the screen 

Here is my list

  1. To give and receive referrals.
  2. To listen to the specific referral requests of your fellow members.
  3. Make your own referral request.
  4. Listen to our Feature Presentation speaker.
  5. Meet visitors and explore new opportunities with them.
  6. To be visible and memorable (even when you send a substitute).
  7. Members might assume if you can’t prioritize a weekly meeting then their referrals may receive the same treatment.
  8. Members arrive expecting to see you to discuss matters, questions or possible referral opportunities. By not being present you miss those opportunities.
  9. Research shows a strong correlation between attendance and referrals given and received.

Our meetings are on a set schedule.  Same time, same day of the week and only 60 minutes in length.  There is no reason you should not be able to attend most meetings.  There are exceptions of course, unforeseen circumstances that do come up, However, that being said you would not schedule a client meeting at a time you had another client meeting, would you?  You would schedule around it.  This meeting takes up 1 hour out of 168 you have in a week and has the potential to bring you thousands of dollars in business as well as build lifelong relationships.

You’ve invested the money you should reap the rewards.   Attendance and tardiness result in less business for you! therefore it is in your best interest to arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting! This will affect your bottom line.  It is important to remember that other members are paying to see you each week.

Thank You

PDF of this presentation – Why is constant attendance so important