Kevin is both currently a Broker and Investor in Bakersfield, California, and has been investing for over 15+ years. He got his start in Real Estate in the Wholesale field and spent his first 5 years acquiring and marketing property’s to investors in California. While Wholesaling properties he spent a portion of his career recruiting and training new investors in wholesale and rehabbing business.

Kevin takes the success of his team, his network very seriously and has made his mark by inspiring many, taking risks and leading by example. To get where he is today, Kevin took his ability to inspire others and used it to motivate and mobilize agents and other investors around the US to apply real estate basics and quickly bring him leads including REOs, short sales and pre-foreclosures. He is a master at applying real estate basics to find real leads that translate into big profit.

In 2011, his partners recommended that he get his Real Estate license to assist with the sales and marketing of the company’s assets as well as to exclusively work with investors to market their holdings. He personally oversaw all aspects of the sales team, pricing, advertising and promotions. He is now the sole Owner of REI Group LLC and represents many local buyers and sellers finding or selling there new homes for there families. He also works feverishly renovating single and multi-family homes, mainly in his hometown of Bakersfield, CA. Though he does like to run off to Las Vegas and play a bit while flipping in Vegas!!! He has been involved as either a Realtor or Investor in over 1000+ homes and flips and has never picked up a hammer.

Kevin Oliver
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