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What I need from you is this.

The best way is to complete the form on this website


1. Email, upload to your facebook business page or bring on thumb drive with any photos you want to use on the web. You can use up to 10. If you are emailing them then please send to with the subject Member Update (your company name) photos.

2. Email any written content you want on the site.

3. On the new website you will have a directory listing like the one on the right image #2 this will consist of 1 small image as your profile photo Image 2.1 (apx 150 X 150px) and apx 50 words. this should be a little about your business. just enough to get them to want to learn more by calling you or visiting your listing.

4. Your Personal Business Page is the big one and can have up to 1000 words, 10 photos, 2 videos, your facebook business page and will link to your website.

Image 3.1 should not be more than 640px wide
Image 1.3 should not be more than 150 X 150 PX

ALL images should be Jpg and no more than 72dpi. If you have any questions please call me and i will try to help you as much as i can.
Thanks Kyle Brown