Lighting for outdoor events, weddings, trees, landscapes using low voltage, and patios is our specialty. We seek to add lighting ambiance that shows your style with functional beauty.
As our website gets refurbished, so does the content, beginning with this blog on a topic passionate to me, Blair Budai, as lighting designer and owner of Lighting in Style in Bakersfield: outdoor ambiance lighting. By day our yards get groomed, mowed, manicured with time or laborers to look finished. By night, darkness often hides all but the front porch or garage. And often porch lights glare blindingly at those who use the driveway most, you the homeowner.

Outdoor ambiance lighting is lighting that provides style and comfort, which can include landscape lighting though it can include more. In addition to ambiance, outdoor lighting also adds safety and security. How is it different? Outdoor ambiance lighting sets a mood, as bright as needed yet without glare. Remember a beautiful sunrise or sunset and the feeling you got when you saw it? That is the power of great ambiance lighting. Ambiance doesn’t require a sunset, as comfortable restaurants and clubs that we enjoy show.

Here are some helpful ambiance lighting tips. Start with removing bright glare where people look. For porch lights, use frosted glass if possible which diffuses the light. For clear glass porch lights, lower wattage frosted glass bulbs can reduce glare.

For yard or landscape lighting, target light on the best of the yard: interesting trees, walkways, shrubs, and borders. For gathering spots, an important rule is that less is more. Not too bright yet comfortably soft. Walkway lights demonstrate targeted lighting, focused on the path, shielded from direct view, adding safe and secure lighting.

For gathering places, useful glare-free light can come from above in string lighting. Overhead lighting adds its own focal point and looks good above without excessive glare.

I’m passionate about outdoor ambiance lighting and want to spread the feeling of comfort and relaxation that comes with ambiance lighting done well. These tips have helped add ambiance to numerous locations. If you would like a bid for quality lighting, please call me, Blair Budai, at 661.912.4800, serving Bakersfield and wider Kern County.

Blair Budai