The Good and the Bad of the Menu at Riverlakes. The Good, The prices are great yo can eat for under $10 easily.  The bad is they are not set up for separate checks so you will have to pay us and we will pay them.

Riverlakes does not have the ability to do separate checks. Unfortunately, they can only process a limited number of diners, including golfers, for each meal service. That means we had to set up an alternative system to give each of you an individual receipt; though our bill will be under BBNG.

I have set up a system using square and you will get a receipt.
To cover the fees charged for Credit Card use I will be charging a flat .50¢ fee if you pay with credit or debit; you can also pay with cash and still get a receipt.
The easiest by far will be if you download the “Pay With Square” App for Smart Phones

  Here is the menu